Solarland® SLP020-24U 20 Watt, 24V High-Efficiency Poly-Crystalline Solar Panel for Off-Grid Applications

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The Solarland® SLP020-24U 20-Watt Solar Panel is a versatile and efficient photovoltaic (PV) panel that delivers reliable power output. With its maximum power output of 20 watts under standard test conditions (STC), this panel ensures reliable performance.

Operating at a voltage suitable for a 24-volt system, the SLP020-24U is well-suited for applications requiring a moderate amount of power. Whether you need to charge larger batteries, power small appliances, provide electricity for off-grid cabins or remote locations, or support low-power systems, the Solarland® SLP020-24U is a trusted choice.

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SolarLand SLP020-24U 20W 24V Solar Panel:
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