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Portable DC Lighting Kits

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While Solarland's PowerPack products were originally developed to provide a lighting solution for remote areas of the world where the people are mostly poor and no electric power grid exists, they are also great for many other puposes! I'll get back to that in a moment.  There's no question that these products are great for the purpose for which they were designed and if anyone is interested in procuring these products for that purpose, please call and speak with us about it.  Call us at 888.680.2427, email us at, or use our contact form HERE to inquire about bulk orders for this product.
Now, back to their usefullness here in North America.  We sell PowerPack products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico where people have adapted the use of these products for off-grid homes, back yard sheds, lighting in remote structures like line cabins and huts, instrument shacks, and many camping, RVing, boating, hunting, and fishing uses.  There are even PowerPack models that enable the ability to have emergency lighting, cell phone, tablet, and laptop charging in the event of inclement weather and natural disasters.
For more information on the individual PowerPack solar DC lighting models, please view the Product Data Sheet that is linked in the description of each product. If you purchase one or more of these products, please be sure to tell us how you're using the product.  Your ingenuity and/or ideas will help other people to learn more about how these products can serve them and make their lives easier and brighter.


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