Solar Mobile Battery Charging Kits

Solar Mobile Battery Charging Kits

Solar battery charging kits are a really neat product because they make it possible to charge batteries using nothing but sunlight.  You can use this product to recharge any re-chargeable battery.  This is useful for boondocking in an RV or staying out on the water in a liveaboard.

"But a generator can do that!", you might say.  While that is true, a generator cannot recharge your batteries without the use of foul-smelling, noxious fossil-fuels that are obnoxious when you're in the wilderness or out on the water on your boat.  The products in this category are also portable and can be easily stowed aboard your RV or marine vessel. Their portability also allows for use in recharging the batteries in your hunting or fishing cabin.  They can be used for DIY project where battery charging is necessary as well as in education displays and demontrations that teach the process and science of solar energy to schools or to the public.

When you own one of these mobile solar battery charging kits, together with your battery, you can run DC lights and charge your cellphone, tablet, or laptop, among other imaginative uses you can come up with.  If you add an inverter, you can power your AC appliances, like a computer or radio, and even lights. 

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