Charge Controllers

Charge Controllers

charge-controller-michael-witzel-flickr.jpgA charge controller is an important system component that regulates the voltage generated from your renewable energy system and properly maintains your batteries. It protects your batteries from being over- or undercharged, and ensures maximum battery life, performance, and efficiency.

Basic charge controllers stop charging the battery bank when the high-voltage level setting is exceeded. Once the charge in the battery bank is drawn back down below that setting, the controller will resume charging.  This is a continuous process and is otherwise known as "floating" the batteries, or "keeping the batteries topped-off". We carry two sophisticated solar controller technologies: PWM, or pulse width modulation, and MPPT, or maximum power point tracking, each capable of adjusting charging rates depending on the battery's level, allowing the batteries to be charged closer to their maximum votage capacity.

In solar energy systems, charge controllers (also called solar regulators) may include added features like LDV, or low voltage disconnect, a circuit that cuts the power to the load when the batteries have become discharged in order to protect the batteries from becoming damaged or perhaps ruined altogether.  Other charge controllers display data, transmit data to remote displays, and track the flow of electricity over time.  Some charge controllers may include a feature that monitors battery temperature to prevent batteries from overheating.

We carry only the highest quality solar charge controllers from Morningstar, Outback Power, Midnite Solar, and more. 

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