Solarland® NR Series 10 Amp 12/24V PWM Charge Controller (SLC-NR2410C)

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This product is no longer in production. However, an alternative is available that is comparable to this product and you can view it at the link below.

Solarland® SLC-NR2410D 10 Amp 12/24V PWM Charge Controller

The Solarland® SLC-NR2410D 10A charge controller meets or exceeds the specifications of the former 55W panel and is essentially the same panel with a higher power/efficiency rating.

A PDF spec sheet is available for the Solarland® SLC-NR2410D 10A charge controller on the product's page.

If you are currently using and/or need the specifications for the Solarland® SLC-NR2410C 10 Amp PWM Charge Controller, it's spec sheet is still available by clicking the PDF button in the product description below.

Solarland®'s NR Series solar PWM charge controllers are an excellent solution for small-scale solar power systems.  They are user-friendly in two ways: they are easy to install and include a intuitive displays that allow users to quickly understand the status of the controller and battery charging. 

Solarland® SLC-NR2410C FEATURES:

  • PWM technology increases charging efficiency by 3% - 6%
  • Protects batteries from over/under-charging
  • Dual USB ports for charging cell phones, tablets, etc.
  • Bright LED indicators display battery capacity and charging status


SLC-NR2410C Diagram



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Additional Information

SolarLand NR2410C 10A 12/24V PWM Charge Controller:
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