Solarland® NR Series 10 Amp 12/24V PWM Charge Controller w/ USB Output (SLC-NR1012UL)

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  • SolarLand SLC-NR1012UL 10A 12/24V PWM Charge Controller with USB Output
  • Diagram of where a PWM charge controller is located in a solar power system.
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The SLC-NR1012UL PWM charge controller from Solarland USA features a USB charging port that can be used to supply power or charge 500mA and 1A loads, like a cell phone or iPod.

Compared to simple 1 or 2-stage controllers that employ a transistor to interupt the current from the solar panel, the SLC-NR1012UL and its tandem PWM (pulse width modulated) charging technology increases the charging efficiency by 3% to 6%. To learn more about the three types of charge controller, click here.

The SLC-NR1012UL charge controller provides protection for your power system by preventing batteries from being over-charged, deep discharging, and short-circuiting.

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SolarLand NR2410A 10A 12/24V PWM Charge Controller:
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