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​Why Your Home Should Have Solar Panels

Posted by Mr Solar on 9th Oct 2014

Something Different

If your home already isn’t using solar energy, you really should consider it. Why? What about the time, the worry, and of course, the money? Well, all of this will pay off in the end – the money literally will. Likely what you really fear anyway is the change. Fear of change is often at the bottom of various other fears we have – it masquerades as something else, but really the idea of doing what we have never done before is what scares us most. And this is probably completely new and different – you are used to getting your electricity they way most residential buildings currently do. And the thought of depending on the sun? Well, that is certainly something new.

Something Amazing

But it’s something amazing as well – imagine paying almost $100 less each month for electricity. And of course you won’t just be helping yourself – you will know that you are doing something important to help the environment. Still, despite all this, the prospective amount you’ll have to pay initially for the solar panels might be making you have second thoughts. You should know that today people are paying less than half of what they were for solar panels only a few years ago. In addition, adding solar panels could very well increase the value of your house. So, if you end up selling your home, you may find that this distinguishing trait attracts attention. Because let’s face it – most of the other homes on the market probably won’t be able to boast this feature, which is of interest to many potential buyers.

Something for Everyone

You might be thinking that installing solar panels just isn’t a possibility for you because of where you live. And you could, of course, be right about this. But it is also likely that you will be surprised: having working solar panels is less contingent upon location than you may think. First, even if your house itself is in an area that is too shaded to make rooftop solar panels possible, there is still another option. If you live in a rural area where you have extra room, you can always put solar panels on the ground instead. This might also be the solution for you if you don’t think you’ll like how solar panels will look on your roof. Unfortunately, if your home is in the shade and you have no room for solar panels on the ground, you probably won’t be able to use them. Maybe consider them again if you ever move into another residence.

What if you live in an environment where it is always cold? Well, you’ll be happy to know that it is just a myth that you can’t use solar panels in a cold environment, since many cold parts of the world also have the bright sunlight that is perfect for solar power. It may come as a surprise that the cold helps solar panels to work better. So, the colder the area is where you live, the greater your confidence should be in your ability to successfully live with solar power.

Of course, if there is a lack of light where you live, you’re going to face more challenges. But the good news is that even an environment like this doesn’t render installing solar panels entirely impossible: actually, while they understandably won’t work to the same capacity that they would with plenty of sunlight, they can still work with less light. In other words, it doesn’t render them useless – in fact, today’s latest designs are better suited for areas with less light than solar panels ever were before.


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