Beer, Courtesy Of The Sun...

Today is National Beer Day ( #NationalBeerDay ) and for many breweries across the world light from the sun provides electrical energy that is used to make some of our favorite beers.  Though many breweries in the United States take advantage of the benefits of clean sunlight and of government subsidies designed to help stimulate growth in the use of solar energy to power our home and businesses, the top honor for implementation of solar in its breweries as of 2016 goes to...

The Heineken Company

In November 2016 Heineken conducted a massive upgrade on the rooftop solar project at their brewery in Massafra, Italy.  That facility, which now sports 13,000 solar panels, now boasts a total capacity of 4.5MW, making this the largest solar PV project installed on a beer brewery anywhere in the world.

So, if you enjoy your beer and are also conscientious about clean energy, clean air, and a healthy climate, grab yourself an ice-cold Heineken and enjoy it knowing that the company behind it values the importance of reducing their environmental and climate impact.  

Though Heineken is a leader in sustainability and in taking responsibility for their impact on the planet, they are not the only beer brewers who are turning to renewable sources of energy to bring us their beers.  Check out this article from entitled: Top 50 Solar Beer Breweries.

7th Apr 2017 Mr. Solar®

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