Solar Panels: Their Many Uses

There are just so many different options when it comes to solar panels. In this post you will learn about the myriad of ways that they can be used to help you save money while saving the environment.

Solar Panels can be used to provide energy for both commercial and residential properties. Solar panels offer a wonderful solution for everything from a small business to a large factory.

People living far away from human development are helped greatly by the wonders that solar energy can bring. How does this work? Well, a power plant in the right location means that they can have electricity – which is all made possible by the sun. In addition, the sun’s energy can lead to access to water for people who don’t want to live right near development.

Some of the other uses of solar panels might come as a surprise. Solar panels are used in many more ways than just what first comes to mind. Lighthouses, bridges, and traffic warning signals are just a few examples.

So, what can solar panels provide for the people who use them? They can provide electricity. Use solar panels to pay less for electricity – those lights you switch on inside your home won’t cost you as much now that they are powered partly by the sun.

But although electricity may be what solar panels are known best for providing, it certainly isn’t all that they can provide. Something else you may have heard of is that solar panels can provide hot water for your home. But some of the others are just a bit more obscure. For example, the sun can make the fan in your home work and help you charge batteries.

And these are just a few uses! There are so many – more ways than you can imagine for you

to use the sun to help you in your day to day life. Large solar panels on the roof may have been, understandably, what came to mind when you read the title of this post. But what about the little things?

What about something so tiny you could hold it in the palm of your hand or place it in your pocket? What if I said solar panels can be this small? Well, actually they can – because calculators are another example of a way solar panels are used. Look closely and you will see the tiny panels that make the calculator work.

Just as solar panels can have uses much smaller than the ones we traditionally associate them with, they can also be used for larger purposes – for purposes that can help further our knowledge of space. Spacecraft can use solar panels, and satellites also utilize solar energy. The sun is even revolutionizing transportation back on earth – there are now cars that work because of solar energy.

All of this is amazing and wonderful and almost too much to grasp, let alone understand. Alright, it is too much to grasp – at least easily. These advancements are spectacular and revolutionary. But solar panels are working wonders back at home as well.

Homeowners use them in a variety of ways, depending on where they live and what their specific needs are. From a large field covered with solar panels (this may supply energy for many homeowners) to a house with panels sitting high atop the roof and telling the world about solar energy to a smaller panel used in a creative way such as an awning or substitute window, people all over are discovering the many uses of solar panels.


19th Oct 2014 Mr Solar

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