8 Reasons Why People Are Going Solar Now

Solar is no longer something to put off into the future. Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans are investing in solar photovoltaic systems – in fact, there are enough installations in the United States to power approximately 3.2 million homes today.i Solar is now and the market is taking off. Do you want to know why you should consider jumping on the band wagon today?

  1. Solar energy is free – Once you’ve purchased and installed your solar system, you are essentially generating electricity for free, thereby displacing the need for you to purchase electricity from your utility company. This means lower utility bills and savings to the tune of up to hundreds of dollars each year. Depending on the size of your solar PV system and your electricity consumption, your PV system should pay for itself in just a few years meaning that you will be cash positive shortly.
  2. Solar costs are low – The costs of solar have been driven down considerably in recent years – largely the result of new and improved technology and widespread manufacturing processes which have both made the industry more cost-effective. In 2014, the average price of a residential solar PV installation was less than $4/watt, a 41% drop since 2010. In some parts of the country, the costs to produce electricity from solar are on par with traditionally cheap power sources, like coal.
  3. Solar incentives are plentiful – These days, financial incentives for solar are everywhere. Utility companies, the federal government and local and state governments across the country are offering all sorts of subsidies to sweeten the deal on solar including things like rebates, low-interest loan packages, tax credits and net metering policies that enable you to sell your excess power back to the grid.
  4. Solar is reliable – Sunlight is plentiful and infinite – this is true even in states with a less than sunny reputation. This is evidenced by the fact that non-sunny states, like New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York have hit the Solar Energy Industries Association top ten solar states repeatedly in the last few years.ii
  5. Solar is low maintenance – In the past, many have perceived solar to be an unproven technology fraught with maintenance issues. The reality is that solar technology is actually very advanced and reliable these days. So, once your system is installed, it requires very little maintenance; this means you can rest easy knowing that you’re generating clean, green power for many years, even up to two decades without a system tune-up.
  6. Solar is good for the environment – Solar PV systems harness power from the sun – a clean, green resource. As such, people who go solar can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by offsetting the need to use dirty fossil fuels.
  7. Solar increases property values – Studies have shown that solar increases your home’s property value. In fact, one reputable study by the Department of Energy found that homes with solar PV systems resell for approximately $6,000 per watt installed.iii
  8. Solar is good for the economy – Unlike many other forms of energy that are imported from abroad, solar is a local resource that provides good jobs in your local community. In fact, in 2011, there were over 100,000 Americans directly employed by the solar industry

If there was ever a time to invest in solar, it’s now. Contact your local solar installation company today to learn more.

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28th Oct 2014 Mr Solar

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