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OutBack Power EnergyCell® High-Capacity 48V 1600Ah VRLA Sealed Deep-Cycle Battery Bank w/ Integrated Rack System (1600RE)

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Model 1600RE
Nominall Voltage Per Cell 2V
Capacity 20Hr Rate (1.75VPC) 1378
Capacity 100Hr Rate (1.75VPC) 1600
Watts Per Cell 15min Rate (1.67VPC) 2394
Cycle Life 50% DOD (77°F/25°C) 1800 cycles
Optimal Operating Temperature Range 73.4 to 78.8°F (23 to 26°C)
OCV Per Cell Limit * 2.05
Initial Charge Voltage Per Cell ** 2.27
Float Voltage Per Cell (77°F/25°C) 2.25
Float Voltage Per Cell (95°F/35°C) 2.21
Equalize Voltage Per Cell (69.8 to 89.6°F/21 to 32°C) 2.32
Maximum Charge Current (A) 300
Shelf Life (77°F/25°C) 6 months
Short Circuit Current (A) 9267
Internal Resistance (micro Ω) 225
Terminal Torque (Intercell Connects) 88 in-lbs
Hardware Specification (Intercell Connects) M8 bolt, lock and flat washer
Weight Per Cell (lbs/kg) 222.3 / 100.8
Dimensions Per Cell L x W x H (in/mm) 24.5 x 6.5 x 9.9 / 622 x 165 x 251

* Before installation, OCV is open circuit voltage. ** Represents 60Hrs charge time at 16 to 32°C.
• Equalize in the following conditions if float voltage of any cell is less than 2.17VPC or the float voltage range after 6 months is outside the ±0.08V of Nominall setting
• 24Hrs after current stabilization, (3Hrs without charge), at ambient temperatures from 70 TO 90°F (21 TO 32°C)

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Outback EnergyCell 1600RE High Capacity 48V 1378Ah AGM and Rack System:
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