Why Don’t More People Use Solar Energy?

It saves money. It saves the environment. It is less expensive and more well-known today than it was a decade ago. So the only question is why.

Why don’t more people utilize the wonderful and life-changing innovation known as solar energy in their homes and businesses? Because the truth is, although more people are starting to switch to solar energy, the number of people who use it compared to the number who still use conventional sources of energy is still surprisingly low – considering the benefits. And it shouldn’t be that low – it just doesn’t make sense.

Install solar panels for a greener future.

Bringing solar energy into your home isn’t like attempting to live with other well-known types or renewable energy sources. You don’t need to find space for a large wind turbine. That would be much more of a hassle, and much less accessible to the majority of homeowners. The good thing about solar energy is that it is accessible to so many people – people living in so many different places.

I think what it comes down to is that a lot of people just don’t know that much about solar energy. Sure, they know the basics. But if they knew more, if they were truly educated about solar energy, then their mindset might change from “That’s cool” or “That’s interesting” to “I want that” and, more importantly: “I need that”.

People would start thinking that solar panels were just what they needed to lower those electric bills that had been such a struggle. Or they would be thinking that this was what they had always wanted: a chance to really do something to help the environment, a chance to teach their children why renewable energy sources matter, and a chance to potentially influence neighbors and friends to make a change as well.

But even if people knew all there was to know about solar energy, I think many would still be hesitant. Why? Because it is change. And change is always hard – even the best kinds of change. Change is not only hard – it can be scary because it is so new and different. So how do we push past these barriers that seem to stand in our way and fully embrace solar energy?

First we need to learn about it. Because if people did this they would realize just how many wonderful options there are. You don’t have to start out by investing in a solar panel. You can start small by lighting your front walkway at night with solar-powered lights. Start with this and move up as you get more comfortable with solar energy.

And if you decide to use solar panels? You don’t have to immediately – or even ever – give up your other source of energy. You can mix both sources. Don’t feel like because you are not doing it all the way you’re not doing it right. Because you are doing it right – in fact you’re doing in wonderfully.

Making a change doesn’t have to be about going from one extreme to another. In fact, that might just cause you to think twice about making the change at all. Instead, changing something in your life can simply be about a few small tweaks here and there.

Right from the start these few small changes will add up more than you thought they would– in terms of both money and peace of mind. And over time? Over time as you add more small changes to your life, they will all add up together in ways you never could have imagined. And none of it ever would have happened if you hadn’t taken that first step, that chance, that break with the usual – no matter how foolish or difficult it seemed at the time.

20th Oct 2014 Mr Solar

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