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PV Apps: Radar Inlet Observing System

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Radar Inlet Observing System (RIOS)A Radar Inlet Observing System, or RIOS, is an mobile instrument package platform which remotely measures the position of inlet channels and shoals using X-band radar to continuously measure hourly wave conditions and breaking intensity, speed, period, angle and sand position. This information is then used to assess the navigability of inlets and river mouths.

RIOS is an autonomous sensor platform using solar panels and an LPG generator to provide the electricity needed to power the radar sensors and the wireless internet data transmitter.

Hourly data gathered from RIOS is used to assess the navigability of tidal inlet.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently seeking a lease for a RIOS platform for Vilano Beach  in St. Johns County, FL.  The St Johns County Commission will vote Tuesday (10.20.15) on whether or not to lease to the Corps for $1 a small bit of county-owned land at Vilano Beach.

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