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Ingenious Solar Panel Racking System On the Ranch!

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Ran across this new video on the ol' Youtube machine and thought it was really freaking cool and wanted to make sure you got to see it in action.

This is an idea for how to rack up some solar panels out on the ranch.  Youtuber engineer775 came up with this amazing idea for racking a solar array on his ranch by mounting cattle panels onto 4 sunken wooden posts in such a way as to be able to articulate the array as needed, depending on the season. 

This video shows the mostly-completed system and, despite not having specific measurements for the post placements, getting a sufficient idea of how it was accomplished should not be difficult for any handy ranch hand who is motivated by this video to do the same.  And there's now shortage of uses for solar energy on the ranch or other agricultural endeavor.

So, check out this really cool video and then let us know what you think of engineer775's kickin' cattle panel installation!

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