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Off Grid Systems

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What are Off Grid Systems?

Our remote off-grid solar power system kits...

  • Remote Power Systems – Larger power systems for cabins and homes where grid power is not available. Optional roof or ground mounting and inverter upgrades are available.
  • Small Remote Power Systems – Smaller kits for lighter power usage in remote cabins and homes. Optional roof or ground mounting and inverter upgrades available.
  • RV & Marine Kits – Want to add solar to your RV or boat? These are the kits for you.
  • Sign Lighting Kits – Perfect for lighting in locations where running grid power is cost-prohibitive.
  • Pole Mount Kits – Our standard pole mount kits have an optional battery and enclosure upgrade.
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Kits – These kits feature C1D2 panels and aluminum enclosures for use in hazardous locations.
  • Telecom Kits – Similar to our pole mount kits, except that these kits come standard with a battery and enclosure, and the mount is an optional upgrade.

NOTE: For special circumstances or for more information, please call 888.680.2427 or email and speak to our solar professional for a free consultation.

What is an 'off-grid" solar power system?

solar-panels-by-dirvish2.jpegAn off-grid solar power system captures energy from sunlight and stores it in a battery bank for use in a structure which is beyond the reach of the main power grid.  Using solar panels to create an elecrical DC current, this current is then routed through a solar charge controller which ensures proper charging and prevents overcharging and helps to "float" the battery bank, meaning to keep the charge topped-off.  The current is then directed to the battery bank for storage and later use. 

In most off-grid solar installations, the current is drawn from the battery through a DC-to-AC solar inverter.  The AC current is then used to power household appliances and, together with a good energy usage plan, can power many of the needs of an off-grid home or other structure.

We have taken great care in the design of our pre-packaged off-grid solar power systems. Whether you will be using an off-grid solar system for your remote cabin, your place of business, or your full-time residence, we have kept several issues in mind.

Safety is first and most important. All sources and circuits are equipped with fuses, breakers or disconnects as appropriately needed. Second is reliability, we use only the very best equipment, with brand-name components from . There is no room for compromise when comfort and safety are concerned. Thirdly, convenience and ease of use. Whether you tackle the installation yourself or have your electrician do it for you, it is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Our detailed instructions will walk you through and we are always available (during business hours) to help you over the phone. We even offer installation, should you desire.

One of our pre-packaged systems should do the job you need. If you need or want something more or something less in your system, it is no problem. We will analyze your request and accommodate your needs. To decide on the system that will meet your needs, you will have to determine the power requirements of your home. You will have to create a list of all the loads you plan to run, their voltages and their daily hours of operation. This is then compared to what the solar systems will produce for the location you are using them.

Need help? We're available at 888.680.2427. Or email us at Mr. Solar® Customer Service Offline