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Online Solar, LLC dba Mr. Solar®
PO Box 812
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
United States of America
Toll-free: 888.680.2427

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Who are we?

Online Solar, LLC and are a family-owned and operated business based in Baltimore, MD, USA, that provides solar and wind energy products to customers across North America.

  • A+ Rating at Better Business Bureau
  • Solar energy equipment experts
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Have one of our solar specialists contact you for a free, no-obligation consultation. Simply complete and submit the form and we will contact you soon.

Our solar professionals will review your electrical usage and evaluate your home amount of sun hours, roof space, shading, facing and tilt in order to determine the optimal solar power system to your needs.

INSTRUCTIONS: In the "Details" field below, please add the Zip Code at the location where your solar power system will be installed (helps us determine the amount of sunlight you receive).  Also add your average monthly power usage, if you know it.  Note: We aren't concerned about the size (sq ft) of your home or business, only how much power you use.  You should be able to find this information on your electric bill.  If you don't know it, we'll be glad to help calculate it.  Finally, if it's important for us to call at a certain time of day, please include the time that is most convenient for you.

Need help? We're available at 888.680.2427. Or email us at Mr. Solar® Customer Service Offline