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Ameresco Solar 50J 50 Watt, 12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel w/ IP65 Junction Box (AMS050J)

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Certified for use in C1D2 conditions, the AMS050J 50 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel has a silver anodized aluminum frame, white polyester back cover, and an 18-2 AWG polarized cable in the fully sealed junction box.

Electrical Characteristics
Maximum Power (Pmax) 50W
Voltage at Pmax (Vmpp) 17.9V
Current at Pmax (Impp) 2.79A
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 2.9A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 22.1V
Module Efficiency 11.1%
Tolerances and Other Electrical Properties
Tolerance (Pmax) ±10%
Nominal Voltage 12V
Efficiency Reduction at 200W/m² <5% reduction (efficiency 10.5%)
Limiting Reverse Current 3.20A
Temperature Coefficient of Isc 0.105%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.360%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.45%/°C
NOCT 47±2°C
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 8A
Maximum System Voltage 50V (U.S. NEC) / 1000V (IEC 61730:2007)
Application Class Class C
Mechanical Characteristics
Solar Cells 72 crystalline silicon cells
Front Cover High transmission 3.2mm (1/8th in) glass
Encapsulant EVA
Back Cover White polyester
Frame Silver anodized aluminum
Diodes Two Schottky bypass diode included
Junction Box IP65 with 4 terminal screw connection block
Dimensions 839 x 537 x 50mm / 33.0 x 21.1 x 2in
Weight 6kg / 13.2lbs
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Ameresco 50W 12V Solar Panel – (AMS050J):
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