Oil & Gas Pipeline Solar Power Kits

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solar-pipeline-kits.jpgOur OGPK Series line of solar power system kits features Class 1 Division 2 panels. These panels are ruggedly constructed, high-efficiency polycrystalline solar photovoltaic modules which produce more electricity per module than any other brand it it's class.  Industrial grade solar panels that provide dependable performance in all climates and is the smart solution for powering remote pipeline systems and data communications.

Each kit includes one or more C1D2 Industrial-Grade poly-crystalline solar PV module(s), the proven reliability of a Morningstar SunSaver charge controller (ProStar for our 375 Wat OGPK kit), complete battery, enclosure and wiring sets. Optional side of pole mounts are also available.

Our OGPK kits are also suitable for other industrial applications, including traffic control and safety, security and surveillance, telecommunications, water monitoring and wastewater management, weather and environmental monitoring, scientific and logistics telemetry, industrial marine applications, RV and camper, area and sign lighting, SCADA/RTU/GPS, and local, state, and federal government and military applications.

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