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Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems

Kit Buy Contact
2kW Grid Tie Solar Kit $3,795.00
2.5kW Grid Tie Solar Kit $4,650.00
3.5kW Grid Tie Solar Kit $6,425.00
6kW Grid Tie Solar Kit $9,375.00
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Grid-tie solar power kits.

...generate electricity for your home or business. These power systems, once installed, are connected to the electric utility company's power grid. When you use more power than the system is producing, the grid provides the difference. However, when your system is producing more power than you're are using, the excess electricity is directed to the grid for others to use - earning you credits toward your grid usage.

Depending on the size of the system you choose and the renewable energy policies of your local electric utility, this arrangement results in a dynamic mix of three new possibilities: 1) A reduced monthy electric bill; 2) No electric bill; 3) A credit on your bill. If your electric utility has a net-metering program, number 3 could take the form of an actual check, payment for the excess electricity your system produces and sends to the grid!

We have several pre-packaged grid-tie systems in various kilowatt sizes from which to choose. Or, we would be happy to assist you in designing a system customized to your specific needs. Let us know if we can help!

Off-grid and remote power system kits.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Kit Buy Contact
85 Watt Off-Grid Solar Kit $705.00
170 Watt Off-Grid Solar Kit $1,145.00
340 Watt Off-Grid Solar Kit $2,305.00
740 Watt Off-Grid Solar Kit $2,420.00
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With today's advancements in technology and manufacturing, it's possible to declare your energy independence and live completely off-grid, and it's easier than you think.

There are basically two types of residential solar power systems. Grid-tied means that your dwelling is still connected to the power company. The other type of residential solar power system, however, is called an off-grid system. This means that you have no ties whatsoever to the utility company and the utility power grid. While this seems like a highly desirable situation, care must be taken to ensure your system has the capacity to supply your energy needs.

Off-grid systems are perfect for places like vacations cabins and outbuildings on ranches and farms. Sometimes bringing traditional power to remote locations doesn't make sense from an economic standpoint. It can be very costly to run electric power to remote areas, and this is frequently one of the most expensive parts of construction in remote locations. Costs can range from $20,000 to $50,000 per mile. This is when off-grid systems are the perfect solution.

Off-grid systems operate in the same basic manner as grid-tied systems. The solar panels collect the sun's energy and, with the help of a charge controller and inverter, turns it into electricity. Because all the electricity that's generated is not used immediately, a bank of batteries will store the power until you need it.

We can help you design your system and can have everything you need to start producing your own electricity delivered to your location in a flash! Just let us know what you need and we'll walk you through it!

RV and marine solar power kits are a great solution for charging the batteries aboard your RV or boat.

Our RV & Marine kits are designed to charge the batteries aboard your recreational vehicle or boat. These kits can be connected to any battery, allowing for continuous recharge during daylight hours (including trickle charge for idle batteries). Extend battery life from anywhere, secure in the knowledge that you have a source of electrical power.

Do-it-yourself or "DIY" solar panel kits are an excellent choice for powering many things as well as battery charging!

Tiny House & Cabin Solar Kits

Kit Buy Contact
170 Watt Tiny House & Cabin $1,145.00
340 Watt Tiny House & Cabin $2,305.00
510 Watt Tiny House & Cabin $3,585.00
740 Watt Tiny House & Cabin $2,420.00
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Tiny house and cabin solar kits operate separate from the power grid and include batteries as the energy storage medium.

Our pole-mount solar kits are the perfect solution for many applications including oil and gas flow monitoring and traffic control lights and are the ideal solution for remote commercial, industrial, scientific, and agricultural applications.

Our PMK series pole mount solar kits are ideal for remote applications. If you have a SCADA/RTU, radio, telemetry, remote data, monitoring device, Wi-Fi, security camera, or lighting application, our pre-packaged pole mount solar electric systems are perfect solution for your needs.

These systems will significantly decrease the cost of providing electricity in your remote site. Set your post/pole, install the solar panel in such a way as to maximize sunlight exposure, attach the aluminum battery enclosure and install the battery(ies), and run the wiring. It's as simple as that. Now you're ready to run your solar-powered application with very little if any maintenance.

These systems are the perfect solution for the following applications:

  • Oil & Gas Flow Monitoring
  • Security/Video surveillance
  • Irrigation & Pump Control
  • Remote Lighting
  • Seismic Monitoring
  • WI-FI Access Point
  • Microwave Relay
  • Wind Turbine LED Beacons
  • Marine Navigational Aids
  • Railroad Signaling
  • Rural School Zone Signaling & Traffic
  • Tank & Water Level Gauging
  • Aerial Tower Beacons
  • Cathodic Protection

Light up your signage using our sign lighting kits and avoid the expense of having the power company run power to it. Our pre-packaged solar sign lighting systems include the following: Solar Panel, Battery, Charge Controller, Mounting Structures, Wiring, Lighting, and Battery Box. We have everything you need for your new solar powered sign or replacement parts for your existing solar sign

With 4 to 8 batteries, our emergency backup power systems will provide essential power in the event of a power outage. These systems provide emergency backup power for your home when grid power is not available, such as during a utility outage. Each system comes with a pre-assembled power center designed to operate 120VAC appliances. Though adding PV panels is an option, the power center will recharge the battery bank once grid power is available. Our emergency backup systems are also generator-compatible, allowing for a different method of recharge during extended periods of utility outage.