Grundfos Level Control Float Switch for CU200

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SQF Low Level Float Switch for CU200

The float switch regulates the liquid level in tanks, wells, etc. and is used for automatic level control in combination with groundwater, wastewater and sewage pumps, for raw water and liquid transfer pumps at waterworks, and for high water alarm etc. The float switches are of the non-mercury type and are available for standard pumps and explosion-proof pumps. The latter has a blue cable which is connected for explosive environments via intrinsically safe relays. Due to the chemical and thermal properties of the water-proof polypropylene housing as well as the thermoplastic rubber cable, the float switch is resistant to alcohol, uric acid, faecal sewage water, oils, petrol, fruit acid, etc. and even to many chemicals.

Features of the Grundfos SQF Low Level Float Switch for CU200

  • Used with the Grundfos CU-200 controller
  • The float switches can be used:
    • In connection with emptying a tank
    • In connection with filling a tank
    • For alarm at high water level 
    • For alarm at low water level
  • The microswitch, fitted in a dual-chamber system, is completely shock- and rupture-proof.
  • The drop shape of the stabilizing weight eccentrically mounted in the housing makes the float switch insensitive to turbulence.
  • Due to the smooth and non-porous polypropylene surface impurities cannot adhere and rags, papers and other solid matter slip off without influencing the lift of the float switch.
  • The cable entry is sealed mechanically and fitted with a solid strain relief. A separate chamber in the cable entry is filled with a synthetic resin assuring no penetration of humidity. The cable is stripped before the conductors are embedded in the synthetic resin.
  • The highly flexible thermoplastic rubber cable has an extremely high mechanical load rating
  • A note from Engineering: If customer is buying a pressure switch and intend to use it with the CU200 to turn the pump on and off it needs to be "reverse acting". Most pressure switches are "closed" to run the pump and "open" to stop the pump. When used with the CU200 the switch needs to be "closed" to run and "open" to stop."

Technical Features of the Grundfos SQF Low Level Float Switch for CU200

  • Breaking capacity: 5 A/AC 250 V.
  • Liquid temperature: Max. 85°C.
  • Operating pressure: Max. 4 bar
  • Enclosure class: IP 68.
  • Height/Diameter: 180/100 mm.
  • Weight: 0.95 - 1.05 kg.
  • Note: Tank to be earthed. If earthing is not possible, e.g. in plastic tanks, extra low voltage to be fitted, for instance contact protection relay KSR/3002.
Note: Specifications and pricing of the Grundfos SQF Low Level Float Switch for CU200 subject to change without notice. Illustrations and descriptions of the Grundfos FloatSwitch do not claim to be complete or exhaustive.
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