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SolarWorld SunModule Plus 285 Watt 24 Volt Solar PV Panel (SW285M)

SolarWorld SunModule Plus 285 Watt 24 Volt Solar PV Panel (SW285M)

151.00 LBS
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        SW 250 SW 255 SW 265 SW 270 SW 275 SW 280 SW 285 SW 315
    Maximum power Pmax 250 Wp 255 Wp 265 Wp 270 Wp 275 Wp 280 Wp 285 Wp 315 Wp
    Open circuit voltage Voc 37.6 V 38.0 V 38.1 V 39.2 V 39.4 V 39.5 V 39.7 V 45.6 V
    Maximum power point voltage Vmpp 30.5 V 30.9 V 31.9 V 30.9 V 31.0 V 31.2 V 31.3 V 36.5 V
    Short circuit current Impp 8.81 A 8.88 A 8.82 A 9.44 A 9.58 A 9.71 A 9.84 A 9.35 A
    Maximum power point current Im 8.27 A 8.32 A 8.33 A 8.81 A 8.94 A 9.07 A 9.20 A 8.71 A
    Module efficiency η 14.91% 15.21% 15.81% 16.10% 16.40% 16.70% 17.0% 16.03%

    Measuring tolerance (Pmax) traceable to TUV Rheinland: +/-2% (TUV Power controlled)... ... ...*STC: 1000W/m², 25°C, AM 1.5

    PERFORMANCE AT 800 W/M2 , NOCT, AM 1.5

    Maximum power Pmax 185.4 Wp 188.7 Wp 191.4 Wp 199.4 Wp 205.0 Wp 209.2 Wp 213.1 Wp 240.9 Wp
    Open circuit voltage Voc 34.2 V 34.5 V 34.3 V 35.5 V 36.1 V 36.1 V 36.4 V 39.8 V
    Maximum power point voltage Vmpp 27.8 V 28.1 V 28.7 V 28.0 V 28.4 V 28.5 V 28.7 V 33.6 V
    Short circuit current Impp 7.24 A 7.30 A 7.12 A 7.63 A 7.75 A 7.85 A 7.96 A 7.77 A
    Maximum power point current Im 6.68 A 6.72 A 6.66 A 7.12 A 7.22 A 7.33 A 7.43 A 7.18 A

    Minor reduction in efficiency under partial load conditions at 25? C: at 200 W/m2 , 100% (+/-2%) of the STC efficiency (1000 W/m2 ) is achieved

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    SolarWorld Sunmodule solar panels exceed international testing standards for proven quality

    From hail storms, to water exposure, to wind and snow loads, SolarWorld solar panels are designed, built, and tested to withstand the harshest conditions all while exceeding international testing requirements and providing the maximum power output year after year. And we guarantee it for 25 years! DISCLAIMER: SolarWorld offers the following video for illustrative purposes only and without warranty, obligation or liability of any kind. The information in this video is provided by way of example only to assist purchasers to gain a better general knowledge of the product shown, and to increase awareness of conditions and applications which may be encountered. The product properties illustrated are typical under certain controlled conditions and may not pertain to a particular use or application. The user is solely responsible for testing the product and making its own decision regarding suitability for a particular purpose. Users should not attempt to replicate the following demonstration, or drive vehicles on installed panels, which could lead to injury. Unless we otherwise agree in writing, all products are sold subject to SolarWorld's standard terms of sale. SolarWorld expressly disclaims any warranties, express or implied, with respect to any information, recommendations, products or services whatsoever, except to the extent expressly agreed in writing in connection with a sale. Each purchaser is required to undertake its own analysis of specifications and requirements in selecting the most appropriate product for specific uses, applications and circumstances. You should refer, at all times, to all applicable terms and conditions, instructions and information provided by SolarWorld. This information is not intended, in any way, to supersede such specific documentation or serve as a product manual.
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