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Solar Panels for Sale for Your Home & Business

Solar panels on the of a home with a grid tie solar power system installed. is your source for high-quality residential, commercial, and industrial off-grid and grid-tied solar power systems and solar panels for your home or business, including all balance-of-system components. We can help design your residential, commercial, or industrial solar power system for projects large and small. Do-it-yourself (DIY) solar entusiasts will appreciate our wide selection of solar power kits. Contractors, installers, electricians, RV and boat owners, cabin and tiny house and residential home owners are encouraged to call our experienced solar design techs at 888.680.2427 or email to discuss what we can do for you.

Grid-Tie Solar

Homeowner? Looking to reduce or eliminate your monthly energy bill? We have a wide selection of grid-tie solar power kits of all sizes to help you lower your energy bill

Off-Grid Solar

From industrial solar kits to off-grid home power systems, we have solar kits of all shapes and sizes to help with your off-grid power generation needs.

BOS Components

We have solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, enclosures, mounts, batteries, & more. Bulid upon or find replacement parts for your existing system.

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RV Solar Panels & KIts

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