FOR INTERNAL USE: Portable Solar Power for Kiosks, Festival Booths, and Tents

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100.00 LBS
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Introducing our state-of-the-art Solar-Powered Trade Show Booth or Tent and Information Kiosk off-grid solar power system, specially-designed for portable tents, booths, kiosks or other temporary structures in places or situations where access to the grid is problematic or unavailable. Whether you want to market, inform, educate, or guide our solar power system offers a reliable and sustainable solution.


Two Solarland SLP150S-12U 150-Watt High-Efficiency Solar Panels: Our kit includes two 150W monocrystalline solar panels that feature excellent performance in various lighting conditions, including superior low-light conditions. A rugged anodized aluminum frame with high-transparency, low-iron, tempered glass ensures this panel is capable of withstanding high wind pressures, hail, and snow load. A 25-year power warranty ensures that your panels will provide exceptional perfomance for many years to come.

One Victron Energy SCC110050210 50-Amp Charge Controller: Manage your energy with a high-quality Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller from Victron Energy, one of the leading charge controller manufacturers today. With overcharge protection built right in, you can rest assured knowing your controller is providing exceptional battery-charging performance while maximizing operational longevity.

Two UPG Universal® UB121000 12V 100Ah Deep-Cycle Solar Battery: These non-spillable 12-volt, 100 Amp-hour Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries provide enough storage to keep your kiosk functional, even after multiple cloudy days.

Wiring and Connector Kit: High-quality, UV-resistant cables, wiring, and M4 connector for inter-connecting your solar panels, controller, and batteries.

Safety Components: Includes breakers, fuses, and grounding components for safe setup and operation.

Mounting Hardware: Sturdy mounting brackets and hardware for solar panels are available, making installation a breeze. We offer custom mounting hardware consultation if you need it at +1(888) 680-2427 or by email at

Product Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly: No fuel-powered generators needed.
  • Self-Sustaining: Once set up, the system produces power for years.
  • Scalable: Expandable design allows for easy upgrades or expansion.

Ideal for:

  • Trade show and festival booths, tents and kiosks
  • Information kiosk and interpretive display lighting
  • Temporary locations without grid access
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Warranty Information

Solar panels: 25 years power output warranty. 10 years for materials and construction Charge Controller: 5 year warranty (Up-gradable to 10 years) Battery(ies): 1 year from date of purchase See individual component specifications for additional warranty information.
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