Outback Power Products

Outback Power manufactures quality MPPT charge controllers, inveters, and batteries.Outback Power is a quality manufacturer of high-tech, high-quality FLEXmax charge controllers, FLEXware and FLEXware inverters, and Energycell batteries and accessories. Outback Power's expertise in manufacturing both grid-interactivce and off-grid power solutions allows you the peace of mind of knowing that the promises you make to your customers are promises you can keep!

MTTP Charge Controllers

  • FLEXmax Series - FLEXmax MTTP charge ocntrollers support a wide variety of system designs, battery chemistries, and integrate seamlessly in terms of system data management and programming.  FLEXmax has earned a reputation of providing high-performance battery charging and is the most-recognized controller in the industry.

Grid-Interactive Inverters

  • GFX International Series - When paired with a battery backup system, grid-interactive GFX series inverter/chargers enable you to sell renewable energy back to the utility grid while providing instantaneous back-up power in the event of a utility outage.
  • GVFX Grid-Interactive Series - Outback's grid-interactive system with battery backup provides AC power 24/7 during a utility outage, providing you with reliable power and peace-of-mind.

Grid/Hybrid Inverter/Chargers

  • FXR Renewable Series - When you need an inverter/charger that combines the capabilities of both an off-grid and grid interactive inverter into a single unit, the FXR Series is your choice when you need an inverter for almost any installation.

Mobile Inverters

  • M-Series (Mobile/Marine) - Outback's sealed FX & vented VFX models of mobile and marine inverter/charger models provide high performance and reliability wherever your travels take you.

AGM Batteries

  • Energycell Series - With multiple EnergyCell battery models and numerous battery racking and enclosure options to choose from, you'll find the battery chemistry and storage options to meet your needs for nearly any application.

Outback Accessories