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RV & Marine Solar Kits

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Find A Solar Kit for RV & Boat

So, why should you consider integrating a solar power system into your recreational vehicle? There are many benefits to having solar panels for RV, boat, golf cart, tiny house, or cargo trailer conversions. For instance, the ability to charge your RV batteries without having to fire up the generator is a big plus. So, what are some other benefits of solar RV systems?

  Maximizes the life of batteries
  No generator equals no noise or noxious fumes
  Reduces your carbon footprint
  Long-term cost savings on fuel
  Low Maintenance
  Safe and easy to use
  Long-term reliability

An RV solar power system consists of solar panel(s), a mounting bracket, a charge controller, and wiring cables. The output of your solar Power system depends on the number of panels you use and their wattage. Some systems simply trickle-charge your battery bank and some can produce enough power to operate lights and even appliances with a larger system.

Each of our RV solar power kits includes a high-quality, durable solar panel, a charge controller, wiring and cable, and mounting brackets with hardware.

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Solar Panels for Boats

All of our RV solar kits are also boat solar kits! That's right, the obvious difference being that you install the kit on a boat instead of an RV.

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