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Flexible solar panels are just that - flexible. They are popular due to their ease of use, portability, and versatility. Flexible solar panels are the idea solution when you need a portable power system that you can take anywhere. Also, flexible solar panels are lightweight and can be folded or rolled-up and easily stowed for hiking, camping, and travel.

A flexible solar panel is manufactured using a process called "thin film deposition". This process applies very thin layers of the superconducting element called silicon onto a substrate that is flexible, allowing the silicon layer to flex, fold and bend. Deploying a flexible solar panel for use involves nothing more than un-folding or un-rolling the panel and place it in the sunlight. There are several flexible solar panels accessories to choose from according to your particular needs that make connecting your devices fast and easy.

Flexible solar panels can be used in a wide variety of applications inclucding charging AA, AAA, 6 volt, 12 volt, marine and RV batteries, cellphones, and laptops.

14 Watt Flexible Solar Panel

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