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DSIRE Clickable Incentives and Efficiency Map

To see the incentives and efficiency ratings for your state, please select it by clicking on the map below. A new browser window will open with the information for the state you chose.

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Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy

Click here for a clickable map of state incentives

What information does DSIRE provide?

The DSIRE website provides a fast and convenient method for accessing information about renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives and regulatory policies administered by federal and state agencies, utilities, and local organizations.

You can view incentive information in a variety of ways:

Incentives by State

The homepage features a U.S. map for easy access to policies and incentives available in each state. Clicking on a state brings up a list of available programs organized into the following categories:

(1) Financial Incentives
(2) Rules, Regulations, & Policies

To find out what incentives are included in each category, click here.

The list of state incentives contains a link to individual program summaries containing the following details:

  • Incentive type (rebates, net metering, renewables portfolio standards, etc.)
  • Implementing sector (federal, state, utility, local)
  • Eligible sector (residential, commercial, government, etc.)
  • Eligible technologies (photovoltaics, wind energy, insulation, high-efficiency lighting, etc.)
  • Links to authorizing statutes, regulations, or policies
  • Program summary
  • Links to incentive program website
  • Contact information

To view all summaries or to print them, click on "See All Summaries."

Federal Incentives

DSIRE contains information on Federal financial incentives for end-users of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. It does not include research & development or outreach programs. Click on the Federal Incentives icon on the homepage to access program summaries. Individual program summaries contain the same level of information described above Incentives by State.

National Trends in Renewable Energy Incentives

Summary Maps provide a geographical perspective of the availability of each renewable energy incentive type across the United States. Summary Tables provide an overview of renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives offered in each state.

Search DSIRE Using a Variety of Criteria

The Search By function allows you to view incentives by one of five pathways. Searching on any of the criteria shown below brings up a list of applicable incentives with links to program details. To view all summaries or to print them, click on "See All Summaries."

Search DSIRE by the following methods:

  • State
  • Incentive type
  • Renewable energy or energy efficiency technology
  • Implementing sector (federal, state, local, utility)
  • Eligible sector (e.g., commercial, industrial, residential, etc.)

Additional Resources

DSIRE's homepage also includes links to the following features:

  • A Glossary describing each incentive type
  • related to federal, state, utility, and local level incentives, programs and policies for renewable energy
  • Links to other renewable energy resources on the Internet
  • A Library of renewable energy policy reports, papers, and presentations involving the DSIRE project
  • New/Updated Incentives show incentive programs that have been updated or added to DSIRE within the past four months
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What types of renewable energy incentives does DSIRE track?

The DSIRE project tracks information on state, utility, local, and selected federal incentives that promote the use of renewable energy technologies. For more information on federal incentives, see What federal incentives does DSIRE track. On the DSIRE website, incentives are grouped into two categories as follows:

(1) Financial Incentives: tax incentives, grants, loans, rebates, industry recruitment, bond programs, and production incentives.

(2) Rules, Regulations, & Policies: public benefits funds, renewables portfolio standards, net metering, interconnection, extension analysis, generation disclosure, contractor licensing, equipment certification, solar/wind access laws, and construction & design standards (including building energy codes and energy standards for public buildings), required utility green power options, and green power purchasing/aggregation policies.

The Glossary provides a description of each incentive type.

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What types of energy efficiency incentives does DSIRE track?

DSIRE contains information on state, federal, and utility financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades, purchases of energy efficient products and systems, and construction of new energy efficient buildings. Incentives come in the form of tax credits and deductions, rebates, low-interest loans, grants, bond programs, sales and property tax exemptions, and green building incentives. Federal and state regulatory policies that promote or mandate energy efficiency are included as well. These policies include appliance & equipment efficiency standards, building energy codes, public benefits funds, and energy standards for public buildings.

You can choose to utilize only the energy efficiency incentives database using the "Energy Efficiency" check box on the home page. Only energy efficiency incentives will be listed if you then click on a state on the U.S. map. Likewise, you can choose to research only incentives for renewables by checking the "Renewable Energy" box. Check both boxes to get information on both renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives.

For information on incentives for alternative fuel vehicles and renewable fuels, please visit the U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center.

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