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RV solar van. Image contributed by Dan Radom, happy MrSolar.com customer!

Solar-powered VW Westfalia Campmobile. Image courtesy Dan Radom. BELOW: A guy (not Dan) shows off his Worlds Loudest Solar Powered Guitar Amp. WARNING! Check your speaker volume!

Why RV Solar?

So, why should you consider integrating a solar Power system into your recreational vehicle? There are many benefits to having your own solar Power system for your RV. For instance, the ability to charge your RV batteries without having to fire up the generator is a big plus. So, what are some other benefits of solar RV systems?

  • Maximizes the life of batteries
  • No generator equals no noise or noxious fumes
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Long-term cost savings on fuel
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Long-term reliability

An RV solar Power system consists of solar panel(s), a mounting bracket, a charge controller, and wiring cables. The output of your solar Power system depends on the number of panels you use and their wattage. Some systems simply trickle-charge your battery bank and some can produce enough Power to operate lights and even appliances with a larger system.

Each of our RV solar Power systems include the following:

How Does RV Solar Work?

Currently you have two ways to charge your RV batteries. One way is by recharging the batteries while your engine is running. The second way is to run your generator while in camp. Running your generator in camp can be a noisy nuisance to neighboring campers and the smell from burning fuel are noxious and malodorous. We have complete RV solar Power kits that give you a third option that has no moving parts, lasts for years and years with little maintenance, and which is clean and does not produce smelly polluting waste emissions.

These solar RV kits include one or more solar panels, a charge controller, RV flush mount rack, and wiring cables. We even have batteries! Add to your battery bank or replace defective batteries.

RV solar works with nearly any RV with some roof area. From those pick-up truck slide-ons to pop-up campers to fifth-wheels to RV buses, we have a system that's just right for you. Solar panels are installed on the roof of your RV or can be detached. If there is more than one, they are wired together using intermodule cables. Then, the panels are wired to the charge controller using a panel to controller (or output) cables. The charge controller is then wired to the battery bank using a controller to battery (or fused) cable. Once the installation is complete, the solar Power system is ready for the sunlight!

RV Solar Power Diagram


Our RV Solar Power System Packages

We carry RV solar kits in the following wattages:

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All of our RV Solar Power Systems include an RV flush mount for each solar panel
Visit our RV Solar Panel Kits page for specification sheets on all the included kit items. These sheets will give you additional information as well as dimensions of panels.
  SKU   Watts Solar Panel(s) Controller IM Cable #10AWG Output Cable #10AWG Fused Cable #10AWG Shipping Weight (lbs.) Price*


10 (1) 10 Watt 6 Amp N/A 20' 3' 10 $138


20 (1) 20 Watt 6 Amp N/A 20' 3' 15 $151


30 (1) 30 Watt 6 Amp N/A 20' 3' 20 $178


50 (1) 50 Watt 6 Amp N/A 20' 3' 25 $238


85 (1) 85 Watt 4.8 Amp N/A 20' 3' 17 $336


125 (1) 125 Watt 7.2 Amp N/A 20' 3' 26.5 $443


170 (2) 85 Watt 4.8 Amp (1) 26" 20' 3' 34 $619


255 (3) 85 Watt 20 Amp (2) 26" 20' 3' 54 $867


340 (4) 85 Watt 20 Amp (3) 26" 20' 3' 60 $1,159
*Shipping not included in price

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